I’m so thankful for all the amazing and professional creatives that I’m able to work for. Here are what a few of them have to say about their experience shooting with me!

Jason Hahn | Photographer | IG: @jason.trailblaze

“My recent shoot with model and aerialist Karolina Von may be one of the most fun and productive of any I have done. She brings beauty, enthusiasm, creativity, and amazing versatility to the photo shoot, and is as genuine and fun off camera as on. We did everything from indoor studio shots to her amazing aerialist skills and poses, suspended high overhead in one of our beautiful oak trees. I can’t wait to shoot with her again, simply a pleasure to work with! (And she has great taste in music)”

Kerry Clayton | Photographer | IG: @kerryclaytonphotography

“Karolina is a ball of energy! She is super flexible and bendy, full of creative ideas, and a treat to work with. She works fast and you get a lot of great shots. And you laugh a lot and totally enjoy being with her!”

Patrick Frye | Photographer | IG: @propixportraits

“What a wonderful shoot with Karolina. She is great with communicating and arrived on time ready to shoot. As well as a lovely person, she brings a lot of emotion to her poses and helped capture some great images. She is very upbeat which helps move the shoot along and I would absolutely recommend her to other photographers. Thanks Karolina!”

TEB-Art Photo | Photographer

“Karolina Von is wonderful. She showed up in spite of a recent back injury and dug into a deep well of poses and moods. She was energetic and fun to work with while, at the same time, focused and precise.”

Jim Calabrese | Photographer | IG: @jim.calabresephoto

“Have you ever set off an entire pack of firecrackers? That’s what shooting Karolina Von is like. BAM, BAM…BAM BAM BAM! A workout for your shutter finger and a thousand fantastic images to add to your backlog!”

Woodrow Mason | Photographer | IG: @woodrowmasonphotography

“You are beautiful, amazingly talented and have a kind, fun personality. Great model and person. Regardless of experience any photographer will get good shots with you!”

Vince Williams | Photographer | IG: @vincewilliams369

“Karolina was a blast to work with, upbeat and positive on time, prompt and professional. Her emotive and expressive capability pops plenty of life into her posing repertoire. Book her if you can…”

Jeff Snell | Photographer | IG: @snell4565

“Whether you are a pro or a beginner Karolina brings her A game. She travels with plenty of wardrobe, is super creative in posing and taking direction and is a true pro. She also is intelligent and fun to talk with. No drama booking and great rates. Have worked with her 3 times and would book her again.”

James Graham | Photographer | IG: @jgraham3

“Let me first say, my words will not do justice of what I think of this woman. She is the most kind, funny, beautiful spirit that I think I have ever met… My experience with Karolina could not have been more perfect if I scripted from intro to the last hug… I would say, if you have the opportunity to meet and work with this amazing woman drop everything to work with her… your life will be better for it… I am forever changed for working with this beautiful person!!”

Noir Boudoir NorCal | Photographer | IG: @noirboudoirphoto

“Karolina is a photographer’s dream!! Fun, adventurous, and one of the most creative/confident models I have ever met. Her posing is both as stunning and unique as she is. Seriously, I would shoot with her every week if I could.”

Marc Pachon | Photographer | IG: @byondhelp

“KarolinaVon is an amazing talented and ebullient model and I would love to work with her again!!”

Mike Hawman | Photographer | IG: @mhawmanphotography

“My shoot with Karolina was hands down the most FUN I’ve had on ANY shoot so far. She was ready to work on time, knows all of her angles and poses and shapes, is obviously stunning, yet is super grounded as a person. She has so many great stories to share, a wicked sense of humor, and is probably the most genuine person I know. Book her right now, you will NOT regret it!”

Dave Bourne | Photographer

“I met Karolina at a car show in North Carolina in 2008. We worked together at least 4 times and she was always absolutely amazing. She is one of my all time favorite models. We wish her well.”

Adrian Herrera | Photographer | IG: @herreraphotog

“A delight to work with and fun as hell to talk to and share ideas with during a shoot. Professional, on time, and optimistic in the best possible ways. I would definitely work with her again!”

Patrick Smith | Photographer | IG: @nightshiftsmitty

“Stunning and professional model, had an amazing time shooting with her.”

Marvlus | Photographer | IG: @marvlusart

“Karolina has high energy, is a lot of fun, has great poses and is very professional!! I am looking forward to shooting with her again.”

John from OKC | Photographer | IG: @johnfromokc

“I have nothing but great things to say about my shoot with her. She communicated well and timely. She showed up on time ready to work, and continued the time with the same energy. I am definitely interested in working with her again in the future.”

Olivia Devil | Model | IG: @greatfairycari

“Being around kV is the equivalent of your brain making twice as much serotonin as usual.”

Eddie Kiplinger | Photographer | IG: @MEPhotographyInc

“One of the best models I have ever worked with!! Highly energetic!! A posing professional. If you get the chance, book her!! You will never regret meeting and working with such an amazing person!!”

Eye of Osiris | Photographer | IG: @eyeofosirisphotography

“One of the best models I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.”

Legacy Photography LLC | Photographer | @legacyphotographyllc

“Karolina is beautiful and fit. She is masterful on both silks and [aerial] hoop. She will help you create the stunning images you have locked in your brain. She is a consummate professional.”