booking notes

~Things to know when booking:

You can contact me easiest via email or text.
I will only provide my cell phone # if we have a confirmed shoot scheduled.

I will not accommodate any requests
for pre-shoot lunches/coffee/meetings etc.
Please please please check my references and ask for my resume if you wish as I will be more than happy to provide them.

Non-traditional shooting conditions need to be discussed beforehand
IE, will I have random stuff on me? (glitter, bodypaint, milk…?)
Is this fetish? (No. You will not tell me we are shooting regular fashion and then SURPRISE it’s actually all fetish. Communicate beforehand.)
Will I be naked outside? Could we get arrested? Do you have someone that can post bail? etc.

*Communication is KEY
as I generally schedule MULTIPLE shoots per day and don’t want to show up to my next shoot covered in random crafts that I wasn’t aware of (and will not.)

I show up camera ready
and am capable of basic make up and hair (as seen in most of my photos) but that’s about the extent of it — if you want anything highly conceptual a professional MUA/HS is preferred.

I do NOT flake.
I literally write out an itinerary for every trip from shoot to shoot calculated to arrive EARLY.
I respect your time, please respect mine.

*My call time starts when you’ve scheduled me
so although I will be patient (and even assist!) with setting up your lights, props, etc. I AM on the clock starting as soon as we agreed, not as soon as you take the first image.

I look like my photos.
All of my images are generally minimally retouched, if at all. Furthermore, I have photos on here throughout my long and seasoned time as a model (10+years!) So please, use common sense- the more recent photos have more tattoos.

nude shoots

~Booking a nude shoot:

If you have interest in booking me for NUDE work please please please read this.
Or I am liable to kick a baby. You wouldn’t want that on your conscience would you??

1. No, I will not
wear restrictive clothing that will leave lines.

2. Pubic hair status:
Landing Strip.

3. Limitations:
Please clarify exactly what type of content you are planning hoot. Everyone has different definitions of “implied”, “artistic”, “glamour”, “fetish”, “erotic”, etc. For the love of all that is holy, please discus the type of shoot you would like to book and what it means to you so that I may agree or disagree to the booking.

4. I will not shoot nude
with a male model that is not my partner. We do accept bookings together, he is also a circus artist- IE strong and bendy. If you want couples images book us together for amazing images in any genre.

5. No nudes during the shoot
unless you booked and communicated for nude work prior to. Do not book me for lingerie or something and then say, heck! Why not just go the full monty? It doesn’t work that way.

aerial shoots

~Booking an Aerial Shoot:

I will require
at least 10 minutes of the scheduled time for warming up.

I must approve
of the structural integrity of the rigging-
rigging does not take long but does take time to set up and break down- this should be taken into consideration when booking.

Recommended booking
is a minimum 2 hours dedicated aerial time so that we don’t stress over time- I will not shoot strictly aerial for more than a half day (4 hours).

I will hold the shape
as long as I can while you shoot, but when I need to take a break I will be taking a break.

Although I can spin myself
it is helpful to have an assistant on hand to spin me to the correct angle so we can all focus on our tasks.

*Safety is priority one, two, and three. If it’s worth doing, it is worth doing it right!*



I do not shoot TFP.
I love creating with everyone I’ve met on this amazing journey and I am able to continue doing so because of those individuals who understand the worth of an experienced and versatile model.  This is how I pay my bills, my mortgage, and feed my toddler– don’t fuck with me. LOL.

I accept payment
via PayPal, cash app or cash ONLY and expect this to be delivered at the ~latest~ upon completion of our shoot.
Not tomorrow, not a week later, not when you can.

I will occasionally work TF*
for various non-monetary things such as travel expenses, accommodations, hosting, wardrobe, costuming, gas cards, gift cards–
try me and I’m sure we can finesse something between what you can offer, your budget, and what content you wish to get.

scheduling & cancellation

~Scheduling & Cancellation:

Modeling and performing are my ONLY jobs.
This is my livelihood and life so please be mindful when booking!

-If you cancel within a week of our shoot, I require 50% of the booking fee.
-If you cancel within 3 days of our shoot, I require 75% of the booking fee.
-If you cancel within 24 hours of our shoot, I require 100% of the booking fee.

**If you refuse to honor this cancellation policy, please be aware that we will NOT be working together in the future ever.  Cancellations really throw a wrench into my life and my travel plans, so please be respectful- as one artist to another.

With all that said,

I promise I don’t bite!
I am a huge fucking goober, honestly, and am super fun and hardworking on set so…

Message me using the form below or via email at with all details of the shoot and
let’s make some art! <3

Please include:
– portfolio links
– location
– available dates
– number of hours you’d like to book
– information about what you’d like to capture
*The more information in one email the better!*