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At the “Who Am I?” Level (3.00/month)

You will get access to all of my monthly VLogs and previous VLogs! Every month, I get personal and either do an update, travel with me, story time from my crazy life, opinions/discussions on ideas and current events– etc! Just a video of me talking to you and getting personal and real!

You will get access to some behind the scenes videos/pictures from time to time! Not every shoot/photographer is comfortable w/ behind the scenes footage, but sometimes I’m able to snag some cool BTS shots/videos! These won’t include nudity but will show some potentially fun, goofy, serious, movement moments from my candid life on set!

You will get throwback photosets from my extensive time modeling! Baby me used to shoot a tooooon of content from cars, to fashion, to events, to soooo many wild things that aren’t posted anywhere else! So you’ll get exclusive non-nude throwback sets from my earlier career along w/ stories about them!

At the “Where Am I?” Level (10.00/month)

You will get access to my Dropbox archive of sexy and flirty nude snaps! Furthermore, I may randomly update it from time to time with new cute sassy content for you to look back on at your convenience via Dropbox folder!

*Please disregard Instax as I no longer offer physical mailed content in membership, for personal prints please check my merch/store!*

**You also receive ALL benefits of lower levels!!**

At the “What Am I?” level (15.00/month)

You will get uncensored art nude photosets! Every month I’ll be posting brand new artistic nude photoset galleries for you- along w/ new sets every month you’ll also be able to access all past posts ever! This is an amazing value given the sheer volume that I have shot in my lifetime and will continue to. These sets lean towards the artistic side of my art- all the amazingly weird shapes, conceptual strangeness, oftentimes paired w/ my original prose, thoughts, and poetry.

You will get nude bendy training videos! Access to my archives of training videos from flexibility sessions in the nude will be provided via Dropbox in various links throughout my posts! Just scroll through to locate some nice ambient stretching in my most natural state!

**You also receive benefits of ALL lower levels!**

At the “When Am I?” level (25.00/month)
*The most popular level!!*

You will get uncensored glamour nude sets! Every month I’ll be posting brand new hustler style glamour nude photoset galleries completely uncensored– along w/ new sets every month you will also get access to all of my previous glamour galleries ever!! An insane amount of sexy images to binge on for a long time to come w/ more content being made regularly! These sets vary in theme from just sexy playboy style goodness, to fetish themes, to naughty cosplay looks and more!

You will get edited shoot videos from various past photoshoots where video production was also a consideration! Access to archived sexy premium videos edited to music with the audience in mind will be provided through post links! Occasionally, new videos edited will be uploaded into this level!

**You also receive benefits of ALL lower levels!**

WARNING: The following levels contained too much sexy for me to create individual teaser graphics, so you’ll just have to see for yourself or use your imagination.

At the “What Will I?” Level (45.00/month)

You will get access to my Erotic Dropbox Pics folder! Unlike the regular Dropbox – this is a subset group that will be able to view my erotic pics on Dropbox. Not only full nude as the previous folder but also fully sensual and personal experiences shared via your phone screen! If you’re curious at all, I urge you to sign up!

**You also receive benefits of ALL lower levels!!**

At the “Why Am I?” level (65.00/month)

You will get Dropbox access to erotic videos! There’s nowhere else you’ll find video archives like these saved and accumulated overtime! Get access to all these videos via Dropbox folder!

**You also receive benefits of ALL lower levels!!**

At the “What Can I?” level (125.00/month)

You will get a monthly custom video request shot just for you! This 2-3 minute video is shot on my iPhone and sent straight to your own personal Dropbox folder. Talk to me before signing up so we can discuss what you’d like to see happen and if they fall within my personal boundaries, don’t be shy! Let’s have a conversation about what would make you happiest to view!

**You also receive benefits of ALL lower levels!!**

At the “What Can I? *PLUS*” level (200.00/month)

You will get your monthly custom video in HD!! This upgrade will bump up your video time to 4-5 minutes, in addition to a longer viewing time you’ll also have your personal fantasies played out in HD recorded on a Canon 7D DSLR equipped w/ external mic for the best audio quality! As previous, please talk to me about what you’d like your video request to be so we can make it happen!

**You also receive benefits of ALL lower levels!!**