About kV

Hi. I’m KarolinaVon, but you can call me kV.

I’m a full time traveling model with over 10 years of experience both nationwide and internationally.
My work spans from early career endeavors with more commercial companies such as NASCAR, BB&T, Coca-Cola and more– to online and print coverage in publications such as Maxim, Import Tuner, and a myriad of others, including not only print work but television, film, radio, and more.

Throughout my varied time modeling I have and continue to shoot a full range of genres from lifestyle to conceptual art to glamour nude and everything in between.
In addition to modeling, I am a mother to the best kids ever and am also a circus performer.

To continually create for the rest of my life is the goal, whether that be expressed through modeling or performance art.
My passion for being sensual, weird, delightful, thought-provoking, mesmerizing, and just existing as a statement in bold can be seen in my work, which I invite you to explore.

Ways to show support–

If you really love what I do as an artist, please consider showing that love and support in whatever way suitable so that I may continue to create.

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Surprise me with something I’ve been eyeballing for a while, whether that be a book, shoot wardrobe, a stuffed animal for when I’m down, a vinyl, or whatever random trinket! I’ll greatly appreciate the present and will send you a personal photo of me w/ the item!

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